Kieran Klaassen

I'm Kieran, a creator and engineer, composer and baker. I craft with love, creating code to croissants. My journey is one of curiosity and discovery, guided by a simple vision: to inspire and be true to myself.


Capturing Flow with Voice Memos and AI

A walk, a sudden idea, and a race against time. How I stumbled upon a method to capture creativity in its purest form.

The Importance of Value Alignment in Teams

When speed meets quality, chaos often follows. I uncover the hidden factor that can make or break your team's success.


What happens when your greatest strength becomes your biggest obstacle? I explore the double-edged sword of enthusiasm and share my unconventional solution.

Grounding Ideas in Writing

Chasing fleeting thoughts led me down a philosophical rabbit hole. Here's what I discovered about the power of the written word.

Building Software We Love

What if the key to better software isn't in the code, but in the heart? My unexpected revelation about development and passion.

The Joy of Micro-Improvement

A chance encounter in the park leads to an unexpected revelation about personal growth. Discover how AI is reshaping my approach to self-improvement, one tiny step at a time.

Filtering Noise with SuperCollider

I explore the creative process of using SuperCollider to filter pink noise, creating an evolving and organic soundscape. This post breaks down the code and techniques used to generate a unique audio experience, blending filtered noise with a drone for depth and texture.

Systems, Structure, and Creative Freedom

Can constraints truly set us free? My journey through music and art reveals a counterintuitive truth about creativity.

Whispers of Silence: Sharing My Musical Self-Expression

A month in San Diego, three tracks, and a journey inward. This is the story behind my most personal musical project yet.

How AI reflects the way my brain works

The AI revolution isn't just changing technology - it's mirroring the human mind in ways I never expected. My personal reflection on this uncanny parallel.

I wrote a Gem! It runs instance_methods in a job

After 12 years of Ruby, I finally wrote a Gem. Here's what I learned about the art of creating tools for developers.

Automatically add tokens to your ActiveRecord models with a Tokenizable concern

A simple addition to your Rails models could be the key to better API security. Here's how I solved a common problem with an elegant solution.