Kieran Klaassen

I'm Kieran, a creator and engineer, composer and baker. I craft with love, creating code to croissants. My journey is one of curiosity and discovery, guided by a simple vision: to inspire and be true to myself.

The Joy of Micro-Improvement

I’m standing in the park, watching my daughter play, and a thought pops into my head: “How can I improve my posture right now?” A quick chat with my AI assistant, and suddenly I’m learning about anterior pelvic rotation and getting an actionable plan. Right there, in that moment. That’s the joy of micro-improvement, and it’s a feeling I can’t get enough of.

The Power of Reflection

This isn’t a new sensation for me. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of constant growth, of always pushing myself to be better. In the past, I’d channel this through journaling. There was something magical about reviewing my week, looking back at what I’d achieved and learned. It gave me energy, excited me in a way that nothing else quite could.

The Tim Ferriss Factor

Back in 2008, I stumbled upon Tim Ferriss and his groundbreaking book, “The 4-Hour Work Week.” It was a time of great change and exploration in my life, and Ferriss’s ideas hit me like a lightning bolt. His philosophy of rapid skill acquisition, of pushing yourself to the limits and optimizing every aspect of your life, resonated with me on a profound level.

I devoured his content, from his books to his blog and podcasts. Ferriss opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about self-improvement, one that was aggressive, strategic, and unabashedly ambitious. He showed me that my love for growth and learning could be turbocharged, that I could compress my development into focused, intense bursts. It was a mindset shift that would stay with me for years to come, laying the groundwork for my ongoing obsession with constant, daily improvement.

Enter AI, the Game Changer

Fast forward to today, and the rise of AI and tools like ChatGPT. I feel like I’m rediscovering that Tim Ferriss-inspired excitement all over again. The barriers to learning have been shattered. Every spare moment, every idle curiosity, can be transformed into a step forward. I can be in the park with my daughter and simultaneously be researching, growing, absorbing knowledge that I can immediately put into practice.

AI has become the ultimate enabler of micro-improvement. It’s like having a personal tutor, research assistant, and productivity coach all rolled into one, accessible at any time, from anywhere. The instant gratification of getting answers and actionable advice in real-time is intoxicating. It’s fueling my desire for constant growth like never before.

The Joy of Always Improving

There’s a deep fulfillment in this constant, micro-improvement. It’s a sense of control, a feeling that I’m continuously evolving and advancing. No moment is wasted. Every day is an opportunity to be better than the last. And with AI as my constant companion, the possibilities feel limitless. It’s not about reaching a destination; it’s about embracing the journey, relishing each small step forward.

In a world where knowledge is at our fingertips and personal growth has been gamified through technology, the joy of learning has been amplified. It’s a feeling I wish everyone could experience - that thrill of always becoming a little bit better, a little bit wiser.

An Invitation to Grow

So here’s my call to you: Find your own micro-improvement sparks. What makes you curious? What do you want to master, even in the smallest way? Embrace that desire, and let AI be your guide. The tools of our time have made the joy of constant growth more accessible than ever. All that’s left is for you to seize it.

We’re living in an era where personal development has been democratized. You don’t need to dedicate hours each day or have access to elite resources. All you need is a curious mind, a smartphone, and the willingness to take that first small step.

So go on, ask that question. Dive down that rabbit hole. Let your curiosity be your compass. With AI by your side, there’s no telling how far you can go. The joy of micro-improvement awaits.