Kieran Klaassen

I'm Kieran, a creator and engineer, composer and baker. I craft with love, creating code to croissants. My journey is one of curiosity and discovery, guided by a simple vision: to inspire and be true to myself.

Whispers of Silence: Sharing My Musical Self-Expression

I made an EP: “Whispers of Silence,” available on all major streaming platforms. This release isn’t about making grand statements; it’s a step towards embracing my musical journey as an integral part of who I am, independent of external validation. It’s about the joy of creation, the freedom of expression, and the courage to share despite the doubts and fears that often accompany the creative process.

A month back, in San Diego, I embarked on a simple yet fulfilling journey - to make music that resonated with my inner self. Without any specific goals or expectations, I allowed myself to flow with the creativity that has been a part of me since my youth. This approach brought me closer to the essence of why I make music: for the sheer pleasure and authenticity of it.

“Golden Hour”: This piece is my attempt to capture an atmosphere of warmth and openness. I love incorporating real-life sound textures into my music, often using recordings from my iPhone. The track symbolizes my affinity for spaciousness in music, both in the temporal gaps between notes and in the depth of reverb, painting a serene auditory landscape.

Kieran Klaassen · Golden Hour

“All the Places I’ve Been”: Travel has always been a source of inspiration for me, and this track is a reflection of that. It’s about how different places can influence our creative mindset, offering new perspectives and inspirations. This song is a musical representation of the diverse influences from my travels.

Kieran Klaassen · All The Places We've Been

“Fear”: The most personal track of the EP. It’s a raw look at the fear of sharing one’s art with the world. It expresses the vulnerability and self-doubt familiar to many artists, but also a recognition that creating music is a fundamental part of my identity, something I do for myself, beyond the realm of external judgments.

Kieran Klaassen · Fear

A Note of Thanks

Creating “Whispers of Silence” was a personal process, one that connected me with my intuition and authentic self. Each track tells a story, a part of my life and my musings, and I hope you find your connection with them too. This music is a reflection of me, shared with you not for acclaim, but as a true expression of my being.

I invite you to listen to these tracks and perhaps find a piece of yourself in them. Thank you for being part of this journey.

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