Kieran Klaassen

I'm Kieran, a creator and engineer, composer and baker. I craft with love, creating code to croissants. My journey is one of curiosity and discovery, guided by a simple vision: to inspire and be true to myself.


The Enthusiast’s Dilemma: As someone brimming with exciting ideas and projects, I often find myself facing a unique challenge - the frustration of feeling scattered by the sheer abundance of my inspiration. Sound familiar? If you’re a fellow enthusiast, you likely know this feeling all too well. But here’s the thing: our love for getting things done and being productive is our secret superpower. It’s time to harness that energy and make it work for us.

Action is Your Power: When we channel our enthusiasm into tangible action, amazing things happen. We feel accomplished, energized, and ready to take on the world. The key is learning how to manage our idea overflow, prioritize effectively, and protect our productivity. Let’s dive in and explore how to make it happen.

Section 1: Channeling Your Ideas

Embrace the Brainstorm Bonanza: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the constant influx of ideas, let’s reframe it as a “Brainstorm Bonanza.” This abundance of inspiration is a gift, and capturing it is the first step to turning thoughts into reality.

Your Idea Vault: Create a system that works for you to organize and store your ideas. Whether it’s a series of themed notebooks, an app, or a voice recorder for on-the-go inspiration, having a dedicated space for your brainstorms is crucial.

Beyond the To-Do List: Remember, your idea vault isn’t just for tasks and projects. It’s a space for any spark of inspiration - a recipe you’d love to try, a skill you want to learn, a place you dream of visiting. Capturing these ideas fuels your enthusiasm and lays the groundwork for future adventures.

Section 2: Prioritizing for Productivity

Introducing The Passion Meets Purpose Matrix: When everything feels exciting, how do you decide where to start? Enter the Passion Meets Purpose Matrix. Sketch out a grid ranking each project or idea on two scales: Passion (how excited you are about it) and Purpose (how much it aligns with your long-term goals). This visual map helps identify the sweet spot tasks that light you up while propelling you forward.

Action as Joy: Here’s a secret - when a task aligns with your passions and values, even the “hard” stuff can be deeply satisfying. ‘Eating the frog’ doesn’t feel so bad when that frog is hopping you towards your dreams. Choosing passion-fueled priorities makes productivity feel like play.

Batching Your Brilliance: Another power move? Batching similar tasks or themes. Grouping like ideas allows you to fully immerse yourself and ride the wave of momentum. Dedicate a day to writing, an afternoon for DIY projects, a week for learning a new skill. Diving deep into one area at a time channels your enthusiasm for incredible results.

Section 3: Protecting Your Productivity

Know Your Productivity Zone: We all have our ideal conditions for focus and flow. Maybe it’s the early morning hours, a cozy corner of your favorite coffee shop, or blasting energizing tunes. Get clear on what your recipe for productivity is and fiercely protect that sacred space.

Time-Boxing as Liberation: For the enthusiastic mind, time-boxing can feel like a creativity prison. But what if we flipped the script? Instead of feeling restricted, view time-boxing as creating dedicated space for your ideas to run wild. It’s like giving each of your passions a VIP session in your schedule, letting them know they matter and that you’re showing up fully.

Be The Boss of Your Distractions: Distractions will always pop up, especially when you have a million exciting ideas percolating. The key is to know your typical distractions and have a plan. Is social media your kryptonite? Use a website blocker during focus time. Get lured in by household chores? Schedule a specific time slot for tidying so it doesn’t pull you off track. Anticipating your distractions defuses their power.

Section 4: The Celebration of Action

Small Steps, Epic Leaps: One of the most satisfying parts of being an enthusiast is watching how those consistent small steps add up to big wins. Every tiny action is a building block, creating a sturdy foundation for your grandest ideas to take flight. Keep showing up, and before you know it, you’ll be standing on top of a mountain of accomplishment you built brick by passion-fueled brick.

Reward Yourself, Your Way: Speaking of celebration, how you reward your progress is fully personal. Maybe it’s buying that course you’ve had your eye on, taking a relaxing hike in nature, or sharing your wins with your mastermind group. Rewarding yourself for a job well done not only feels great, it reinforces the connection between effort and payoff, fueling future action.

Progress is the Fuel: On those days when the finish line feels far away, remember this - progress is always happening, even in the tiniest of steps. Any movement forward, no matter how small, keeps the spirit of your enthusiasm alive and sets the stage for future breakthroughs. When you look back on how far you’ve come, you’ll be amazed at the ground you’ve covered.